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“Going anywhere nice for your holidays?”

I know some hairdressers who find chatting to clients the most stressful part of the job.  This is especially true of new, young stylists who may not have the social confidence of some of their colleagues.

Even the most experienced of staff can find the having the same conversation with maybe ten clients a day, five days a week, can get them down!  And of course it is not every client that wants to talk anyway.

I spotted an article the other day that gave a few trade secrets on how to chat – or not.

•    Don’t be afraid to ask if the client would rather have their hair cut in silence.  It is a two way thing, of course, and some people prefer to talk.
•    Tell the client that you don’t mind if they want to want to use their phone.  This can save embarrassing silences or tedious non-stop banter.
•    Be prepared to talk about current issues.  It doesn’t talk long to pick out the main news stories of the day, what’s on at the cinema or who’s who in the soaps.
•    Have the radio on.  This can be a handy distraction for the client and a conversation prompt too.
•    Share your expertise and talk about your job.  Let the client know that you understand what you are talking about and give them confidence in your skill and ability.

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It’s good to talk.

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It’s that time of year again and I’m sure that, like me, you are looking forward to the festive party season.  You may have a brand new outfit to wear – or even two! – but what about a new hairstyle too?

Here are some fun ideas to get you in the party mood:

Curls and Waves.  Curls and waves are the ideal party look.  They are both versatile and stylish while suiting practically any hair length or type.  I love the way you can use them to create a really glamorous style or go for a more relaxed look.

Classic Updo.  An updo is absolutely perfect for medium to long hair.  The result is a glamorous party hairstyle.  Variety is king here with oversized buns or the tousled, loose look.  Whichever you choose, you are bound to make a grand party entrance.