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It’s that time of year again when the party season is upon us. Whether it is the office do, Xmas Day at the in-laws or a New Year’s Eve bash, you want to look your best. So you’ve sorted out your new festive outfit but is your hair ready?

Surely you want a glamorous looking hairstyle too? These days hair styling can be easy and quick using the right styling tools and products.

How you wash your hair and what products you use on it can have significant effects. Here are six top tips for maintaining healthy hair:

1.  If your hair is oily then wash it frequently. In fact, if your scalp is oily you may need to wash it every day. As you get older, your scalp will naturally produce less oil so you can cut back, but keep a look out for flakes in your hair. These can indicate more frequent washing is required and could lead to dandruff or other diseases of the scalp.

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? ... The short answer is “yes”!

Here are five good reasons to change your hair colour to blonde and find out why they do: