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I’m often asked this question as washing your hair it is one of the basic ways of caring and protecting your hair.

Up until the start of the twentieth century it wasn’t a question many people asked.  Then came the rise of consumerism and the widespread use of shampoo grew as advertisements began appearing.  I was amused to read that the New York Times advised its female readers that they should really be washing their hair every two weeks, instead of monthly as had been the normal practice up until then.  

The basic fact is that your hair becomes greasy because of a build-up of an oil called sebum.  This oil allows dirt to cling to your hair and shampoo is used to wash that dirt away.

How often you need to use shampoo, however, will depend on your hair style and type.

Fine, straight hair allows the oil to spread quickly and easily.  Because of this, most hairdressers suggest washing hair like this every other day.

Thicker, curlier hair is more resistant to the spread of sebum.  This means a wash every three days or so will be sufficient.

Very thick and curly hair which needs a considerable length of time to blow-dry can even make do with a good wash just once a week.